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I know I am not the perfect man

I know I am not the perfect man
I never even try as hard as I can
I have lived my life trying to do as I please
I often take wrong to ever higher degrees
I have loved and I have lost even though I tried
I have had my heart broken to the point where
I've cried
I caused pain to others I have known
I can understand why I'm often alone
I am a nice person most who know me would say
I just never feel there is any one place for me to
I feel I bring trouble and hardship wherever I go
I am not sure others would believe I even know
I am a criminal and I have criminal ways
I know that soon I will be counting my prison
I believe most would tell you I just don't care
I think I hide that well and their just not aware
I am a man like most that I know
I hide my feeling afraid they will show
I see it as a sign of weakness to let see
I am just confused as to how to accept me
I seem to treat others better trying to give all
I can't understand why it is myself I chose to
I don't find it easy to change my ways or attitude
I find it easier to adjust the way I'm understood
I can convince others that I am happy and
I will convince myself that my life has been well
I try to bring smiles wherever I go and to all
whom I see
I try even harder though to be the one that
pleases me
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