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About Hearts

Which hurt difficult to treat,
Though the wound was gone,
But the scars still there although. Disappointment has long occurred,
but the bitter memories remain etched in the heart.
Take a long time to treat.
Nevertheless the heart that hurt will definitely cured.
Although it will take some time to recover.

Live together

If we are destined to live together. I'll take care of you with preferably.We wish happiness coloring our lives till the end of life. This is my hope for you. live together forever till the heaven.

Setelah jatuh

Setalah jatuh mula merangkak naik
Perlahan-lahan menyusun langkah..
Berhati-hati menyusuri jalan agar tidak tersungkur lagi...
Apa yang berlaku dijadikan sebagai pedoman..
Agar tidak tersungkur lagi...

40 tahun

40 tahun permulaan hidup....
40 tahun  juga hampir ker penghujung hidup...